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DFRWS hosts two e-mail lists: DFRWS-announce and DFSci. Both are open to anyone to subscribe, have public archives, and have a private membership list.


DFRWS-announce is a low volume e-mail announcement list. Its only purpose is to allow us to let you know when new conference or challenge information is available. It should have less then 10 messages per year and is not setup for discussions. Subscribe to this list if you want up to date information on DFRWS. Subscription information and archives are available from the following site:



DFSci is a discussion list that exists for discussions related to various digital forensics research topics and for announcements of DFRWS-related events and deadlines. It is intended to be used for all digital forensics research and science discussions and not be limited to topics that are presented at DFRWS. The list archives from August 2007 onwards are now public.

Usage Policy

  • The DFSci list server is provided for educational purposes only. All individual postings express the comments and opinions of their original authors and do not necessarily represent agreement by DFSci or DFRWS staff or consensus by other list server members.
  • Accounts and subscription to the DFSci List Server will be kept private, meaning within DFSci control. No information related to individuals, groups or the list as a whole will be sold or distributed to any other party, individual or organized group. Note that the list archives are now public (policy change as of August 2007).
  • In addition to deviation from the letter and spirit of the statements above, the following items are expressly prohibited and will be addressed if they occur.
    1. The advertising, soliciting of or sale of commercially available products of any kind. Of course, commercial product features and capabilities may be discussed in the context or posted messages and threads. List members and representatives of commercial products may present solutions offered by products as long as the capabilities discussed address aspects of the associated list server topic.
    2. SPAM - by spam we mean any unwarranted, off-topic, non-digital forensic related e-mail addressed to the DFSci list server for any reason other than to make a comment or ask a question related to digital forensics or to assist others in addressing posted comments and their posted questions.
    3. Flaming, rants and derogatory remarks aimed at individuals or products of any kind. Corrective criticism is welcome but personal diatribes are not. Try to stay cool and on topic.
    4. Foul language and sexual comments. We are not the Political Correctness Police, but we all have a sense of fair play. We all make mistakes on occasion but let's not make a habit of it.
  • This policy is simply stated but nothing is ever simple (or black and white for that matter) therefore the DFSci will empower the list server moderators with interpretive authority to act as they see fit. They will respond to complaints by list server subscribers and react if they see blatant, flagrant violations of the policy stated above. Although being removed from membership on the list may be necessary we hope to make it a last resort.
  • This will be a growing process and although we have attempted to cover the essentials here we know that this policy will eventually need modification to serve subscriber needs. So bear with us and share your opinions when you can.

Subscription Information

Subscribing to DFSci implies you agree to the Usage Policy listed above. To subscribe or unsubscribe, visit the management page.

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