DFRWS EU 2016 Sponsors

The DFRWS Annual Conference is made possible because of the hours that the organizing committee volunteers and because of the donations from our sponsors. Sponsors help to provide a neutral environment where new research can be presented and discussed, while keeping the registration prices low. Please support the sponsors that help DFRWS.

Details on becoming a sponsor can be found here.


DFRWS EU 2016 Workshop Sponsor
We are the main partner in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and IT-Security in Europe. With our knowledge and experience we support our customers in critical situations and help to make important business decisions. Our company has the necessary resources to professionally implement comprehensive projects promptly, from the evaluation phase until completion. We are anxious to run an internationally known business providing perfect solutions for our customers' needs. It is our daily business to recognize trends early and prepare our customers against potential future risks by suggesting preventative measures to secure your data and IT infrastructure.


DFRWS EU 2016 Student Scholarship (2)
Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google is pleased to sponsor a student scholarship to DFRWS EU.

Tracks Inspector

DFRWS EU 2016 Demo and Poster Session Sponsor

Tracks Inspector sells an innovative software solution that is the result from our many years of experience in digital forensics investigations in close collaboration with law enforcement. Our solution transforms investigations and resulting in better and faster results.

Smartphones, tablets and computers routinely contain evidence related to common crimes, from theft to homicide. Digital forensics laboratories are overwhelmed, while investigators sometimes must wait months for critical digital evidence to be processed.

Tracks Inspector solves the problem. Investigators can analyse most digital evidence by themselves using the web browser on their desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Tracks Inspector also tells investigators when evidence needs to be investigated by a digital forensics expert.

Our mission is to simplify digital forensics for investigators and to further develop and deliver the Tracks Inspector solution to law enforcement and corporate customers through our channel partners worldwide.

BlackBag Technologies

DFRWS EU 2016 Sponsor
BlackBag Technologies develops innovative forensic triage, acquisition and analysis software for Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. Our software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world for criminal investigations, as well as leading corporations and consultants handling HR investigations and eDiscovery matters. BlackBag also develops and delivers expert forensic training and certification programs, designed for both novice and experienced forensic professionals. Courses include classroom instruction, demonstration, and practical hands-on experience to accommodate a variety of learning styles and maximize the learning experience. Most notably, we offer free tool training and certification for BlackLight, our premiere forensic analysis software.

Université de Lausanne

DFRWS EU 2016 Sponsor
The School of Criminal Justice (ESC - a unit of the Faculty of Law, criminal justice and public administration) of the University of Lausanne (www.unil.ch), founded in 1909, has a longstanding international reputation of excellence for research and education in forensic science, criminology and criminal law. The School is a founding member of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI). Its research portfolio encompasses interdisciplinary matters between forensic science, criminology and the law in areas such as crime analysis and forensic intelligence, DNA evidence, the fight against drug trafficking, digital forensics and cybercrime, interpretation of forensic evidence and the legal issues in relation to the admissibility of forensic evidence in court. The School currently manages several research programs from several agencies, including the Swiss national research foundation. The School currently has about 130 members of staff for 550 students. It delivers a BSc, a MSc and a PhD in forensic science. The PhD program has more than 70 PhD students involved in forensic science research. The ESC has been at the forefront of research dedicated to the objective measurement of the evidential strength to be attached to forensic findings. It was recently part of a group that developed the new ENFSI guideline for reporting forensic evidence. The ESC also has an operational unit offering forensic services to law enforcement agencies and members of the judiciary in Switzerland and abroad. The main areas of expertise are drug analysis, document examination, fire and explosion, microtraces and identification evidence. Overall the operational unit is dealing with more than 500 cases a year.

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