DFRWS 2013 Sponsors

The DFRWS Annual Conference is made possible because of the hours that the organizing committee volunteers and because of the donations from our sponsors. Sponsors help to provide a neutral environment where new research can be presented and discussed, while keeping the registration prices low. Please support the sponsors that help DFRWS.

Details on becoming a sponsor can be found here.


DFRWS 2013 Monday Breakfast
Google is a global technology leader focused on improving the ways people connect with information. Google's innovations in web search and advertising have made its website a top internet property and its brand one of the most recognized in the world.

Basis Technology

DFRWS 2013 Breaks and Rodeo Prizes
Basis Technology develops innovative products and solutions for digital forensics investigators in the law enforcement, intelligence, and cybersecurity communities. Our digital forensics team pioneers better, faster, and cheaper techniques for forensic evidence extraction to keep our government and corporate customers ahead of the exponential growth of data storage volumes. Basis Technology also provides advanced research and development and reverse engineering expertise to a variety of customers with uniquely challenging mobile phone, tablet, and esoteric storage device problems. Learn more at www.basistech.com or call +1 (617) 386-2090.

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