DFRWS 2013 Annual Conference

DFRWS is the leading digital forensics research conference and the 13th annual conference will be held from August 4 to 7, 2013 in Monterey, CA. See the location page for more information about this year's hotel. The 2013 conference is being held in cooperation with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and its Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC). Send any questions regarding the 2013 conference to dfrws2013 <at > dfrws (dot) org.


This page provides access to many resources from the conference:

  • The papers from the conference are available.
  • The Challenge results and materials are available.

Getting Involved

There are many ways for you to be involved with DFRWS 2013:

  • Attendee: Register and attend the conference to learn about the latest in digital forensics research, to provide feedback to researchers, and to meet and interact with other researchers and practitioners.
  • Advertise: Post or distribute one of our graphic ads to help spread the word about the conference.
  • Sponsor: Help promote research in this area and gain exposure at the annual conference by becoming a sponsor of one of the conference events. See the Sponsors page for the list of companies that have already helped DFRWS 2013.
  • Plan the 2014 challenge: We have an open request for proposals to help build the 2014 challenge.
  • Challenge: Work on a solution to the annual forensics challenge.
  • Posters and Demos: During the conference, a poster and demo session will occur. This allows attendees to show initial research results and demonstrate tools that have been developed. If you are interested in presenting a poster or demo, email dfrws2013-demos@dfrws.org with point of contact, name of the tool or research, and a short description.
  • Works in Progress (WIP): On the last day of the conference, there is typically a Works in Progress (WIP) session that gives attendees 5 minutes to give an overview of their work. There are a limited number of WIP slots and they are assigned on a first come first serve basis using a signup sheet at the conference.
  • Speaker: Submit a paper or panel proposal (deadline Feb 20, 2013) so that your work can be be presented at the conference and included in the printed proceedings.
  • Presenter: Submit a tutorial or workshop proposal (deadline Feb 20, 2013). Workshops and tutorials are held adjacent to DFRWS and are available for free to conference attendees.

About The Conference

The annual DFRWS conference allows leading digital forensics researchers from government, industry, and academia to present their work and results to fellow researchers and practitioners. Many of the most cited digital forensics papers have been presented at DFRWS and the annual challenge has spawned research in important areas. Initial results and tool prototypes are also presented during the Works in Progress and demo sessions.

The conference typically has about 100 people and is therefore small enough so that attendees meet each other and can interact with the speakers. A tradition of DFRWS as been its casual and interactive atmosphere where break out sessions exist to discuss topics related to the presentations. There are also opportunities to interact during the welcome reception and banquet. After the banquet, attendees can put their forensics skills to the test when they form teams to participate in the annual Forensics Rodeo, which is a challenge that requires participants to analyze data and answer questions.

Student Scholarships

The DFRWS has a limited number of scholarships which may be awarded to students presenting a paper at the DFRWS Conference. The intent is to help alleviate the financial burden on a student who might otherwise be unable to attend due to the cost of hotel expenses and registration. To be eligible to receive a scholarship, the applicant must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. Be a full-time student.
  2. Must be the lead author on a paper accepted at DFRWS 2013.
  3. Must be presenting the paper at the conference.
  4. Must be traveling from an area other than the greater metropolitan area of the conference.

Typically, scholarships only help defray the costs of lodging and registration. Scholarships are not transferable or otherwise redeemable. Consideration for scholarships will not take place until after the acceptance of papers. Scholarship requests have no bearing on whether or not a paper is accepted for presentation.

Scholarship requests must be submitted by April 30, 2013 (the same day that final drafts are due). Recipients will be notified by May 9, 2013. The request must include a cover letter that explains why you should receive a scholarship. Prior to award, scholarship candidates will be required to provide written correspondence from a faculty advisor to the DFRWS (details provided to potential awardees when needed).

Send requests and questions to dfrws2013-scholarship (at) dfrws (dot) org. Note that in the past, some messages with attachments have been silently dropped by our SPAM and virus filters. If you do not receive a confirmation reply then please try again without an attachment.

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