DFRWS 2012 Forensics Challenge Results

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There were two official submissions to the DFRWS 2013 Forensics Challenge, which was a continuation of the 2012 challenge to evaluate the state of the art in data encoding classification. As in 2012, this challenge was formulated as an explicit `best-of-breed' competition of tools. The lack of quantity of submissions was met with much greater quality of submissions as compared to 2012's submissions.
This year DFRWS offered a prize for a winning submission that exhibited all the attributes of a field-ready tool with the necessary robustness and performance, and a clear winner emerged.
The presentation given at DFRWS 2013 can be found here.

The Winner

The winning submission for the DFRWS2013 Forensics Challenge was created by Jungheum Park, Jewan Bang, Yunho Lee, and Jonghyun Choi of the Digital Forensic Research Center, Korea University.

Other Submissions

The other submission was from Simson Garfinkel, Bruce Allen, Mike Shick and Joel Young of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Judging Process

A detailed chronicle of the judging process can be found in the 2013 report.

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