DFRWS 2013 Forensics Challenge

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A PDF version of the challenge overview is available here.

Submission deadline: May 30, 2013

The overall goal of this challenge is to raise the state of the art in digital forensic practice by providing an open public venue for a best-of-breed competition. We challenge competitors to develop the fastest and most accurate data block classifier. The winner will be announced in Aug 2013 at the DFRWS'13 conference in Monterey, CA.

Scoring will be based on the weighted scores of three criteria:

  1. Correctness, as measured by (IR) precision and recall rates: 55%.
  2. Processing speed, in terms of throughput and scalability: 30%.
  3. Quality of code and multi-platform support: 15%.


  • You may enter individually, or as a team, with no restrictions.
  • Your tool must have a command line interface and work on at least one of the three main OS platforms-MS Windows, MacOS, Linux-preferably more. It can be implemented in any widely and freely available language platform.
  • The tool must have a corresponding library/API such that it could be incorporated as part of other tools.
  • Source code must be openly available under a free software license, such as those listed at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html. The author(s) retain rights to the source code.
  • You may incorporate third-party free software, as long as it is compatible with your license and is included with your submission. However, your submission will be judged on the contribution your own work brings to the challenge.
  • Your submission must include clear instructions for building the tool from source code along with all relevant dependencies.
  • DFRWS will publish the results of the Challenge, both in detailed and summary form, along with the methodology used and the source of the specific version of each tool.

Complete Challenge Information

Challenge PDF


Additional information reguarding technical requirements, program output, data sets, testing and scoring can be found in the challenge PDF.

The test data sets can be found here(9541fa144e33c316891b25b3bbabca7f).


Send all questions to dfrws2013-challenge(at)dfrws<d0t>org. (Your email will be used only for this purpose and will be forgotten after DFRWS2013.)

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