DFRWS 2012 Forensics Challenge Results

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There were many participants and six official submissions to the DFRWS 2012 Forensics Challenge, which was to evaluate the state of the art in data encoding classification. Unlike prior challenges, which were more in the spirit of ``guests,'' this challenge was formulated as an explicit `best-of-breed' competition of tools.

This year DFRWS offered a prize for a winning submission that exhibited all the attributes of a field-ready tool with the necessary robustness and performance. While there was a clear winner among submissions, the challenge organizers did not feel any submission sufficiently met these goals, and the prize was not awarded. Please see the 2013 challenge.

The Winner

The winning submission for the DFRWS2012 Forensics Challenge was created by Laurence Maddox, Lishu Liu, DJ Bauch & Nicole Beebe from UTSA. a link to the submitted software

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