DFRWS 2009 Agenda

The DFRWS 2009 Agenda below summarizes the program of discussion and research.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

4:00pm to 5:30pm Registration

Monday, August 17, 2009

8:00am Registration and Breakfast
9:00am Opening Remarks
9:10am Keynote Address
Zeno Geradts
Challenges and Opportunities in Digital and Multimedia Evidence
10:00am Break
10:15am SESSION 1: Tool testing and development
Chair: Wietse Venema
  • Bringing Science to Digital Forensics with Standardized Forensic Corpora. Simson Garfinkel, Paul Farrell, Vassil Roussev and George Dinolt. (paper)
    * Best Paper Award *
  • Validation and verification of computer forensic software tools---Searching Function. Yinghua Guo, Jill Slay and Jason Beckett. (paper)
  • DIALOG: A Framework for Modeling, Analysis and Reuse of Digital Forensic Knowledge. Damir Kahvedzic and Tahar Kechadi. (paper)
11:45am Lunch on your own
1:45pm SESSION 2: Large-scale investigations
Chair: Eoghan Casey
  • A Second Generation Computer Forensic Analysis System. Daniel Ayers. (paper)
  • Panel: Technical Approaches to Large-Scale Digital Forensics. Vassil Roussev, Golden Richard, Simson Garfinkel, and Michael Cohen.
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Presentation of the DFRWS 2009 Forensic Challenge Submissions
5:00pm Welcome Reception, Tool Demo, and Poster Session

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am Administrative remarks
9:05am Keynote Address
Benoît Gagnon
Who are they? Understanding computer hackers.
10:00am Break
10:15am SESSION 3: Digital evidence storage and preservation
Chair: Frank Adelstein
  • Teleporter: An Analytically and Forensically Sound Duplicate Transfer System. Kathryn Watkins, Mike McWhorter, Jeff Long and William Hill. (paper)
  • DEX: Digital Evidence Provenance Supporting Reproducibility and Comparison. Brian N. Levine and Marc Liberatore. (paper)
  • Extending the Advanced Forensic Format to accommodate Multiple Data Sources, Logical Evidence, Arbitrary Information and Forensic Workflow. Michael Cohen, Simson Garfinkel and Bradley Schatz. (paper)
11:45am Lunch on your own.
1:45pm SESSION 4: Event Reconstruction
Chair: Andreas Schuster
  • Using ShellBag Information to Reconstruct User Activities. Yuandong Zhu, Pavel Gladyshev and Joshua James. (paper)
  • Computer Forensic Timeline Visualization Tool. Jens Olsson and Martin Boldt. (paper)
2:45pm Break
3:00pm SESSION 5: File system analysis
Chair: Golden Richard
  • Identification and Recovery of JPEG Files with Missing Fragments. Husrev Sencar and Nasir Memon. (paper)
  • Digital Forensic Implications of ZFS. Nicole Beebe, Sonia Mandes and Dane Stuckey. (paper)
  • Lessons Learned from the Construction of a Korean Software Reference Data Set for Digital Forensics. Kibom Kim, Sangseo Park, Taejoo Chang, Cheolwon Lee and Sungjai Baek. (paper)
6:00pm Banquet
  • Best Paper Award
7:30pm Forensic Rodeo
Wrangler: Brian Carrier
Champions: Wietse Venema, Matthew Geiger, Tim Vidas, Judson Powers

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8:00am Breakfast
9:00am SESSION 6: Memory analysis and password recovery
Chair: Vassil Roussev
  • A Novel Time-Memory Trade-Off Method for Password Recovery. Vrizlynn L. L. Thing and Hwei-Ming Ying. (paper)
  • Extraction of Forensically Sensitive Information from Windows Physical Memory. Seyed Mahmood Hejazi, Chamseddine Talhi and Mourad Debbabi. (paper)
  • The Persistence of Memory: Forensic Identification and Extraction of Cryptographic Keys. Carsten Maartmann-Moe, Andre Arnes and Steffen E. Thorkildsen. (paper)
10:30am Break
10:45am Short Presentations & Works in Progress
Chair: Daryl Pfeif
(5 minutes each)
11:30am Closing Comments

Lunch & DFRWS 2010 / 2011 Planning Session
(Not Included in Registration Fee)

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