DFRWS 2009 Forensics Challenge Overview

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The DFRWS 2009 Challenge focused on the development of tools and techniques for analyzing Playstation 3’s (PS3s). The Playstation 3 is a powerful, Cell processor-based system that can run both its native OS (which has significant DRM features that also thwart forensic investigation) and modern versions of Linux. This challenge focused on the Linux and network aspects of PS3s, and did not touch the DRM protected data. The challenge scenario required analysis of a physical memory dump, filesystem images, and network traces involving 2 PS3’s and a Playstation Portable (PSP).

Challenge Organizers

Eoghan Casey
Golden G. Richard III


Andrew Case
Olin Gallett
Blandon Helgason
Byran Hoffman
Lodovico Marziale
Ryan O'Hara
Cory Redfern
Jimmy Wylie


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