DFRWS 2007 Forensics Challenge Overview

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The DFRWS 2007 Challenge is about data carving, which is a file recovery technique that is frequently used during digital investigations. Files are "carved" from the unallocated space using file type-specific information, such as footers, headers, and internal structures.

The previous DFRWS 2006 Challenge focused on carving basic file types in basic scenarios. The result was the development of new tools and techniques to carve files using more internal structure than only the header and footer values. This year, DFRWS expands on that challenge by introducing more file types and more complex fragmentation scenarios. The goal of this challenge is to design and develop automated file carving algorithms that have high true positive and low false positive rates.

Submissions were due by July 9, 2007.

Challenge Organizers

Brian Carrier
Eoghan Casey
Wietse Venema

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