DFRWS 2006 Sponsors, Speakers and Committees

The people and organizations listed below made DFRWS 2006 a great success by sharing their knowledge, resources, ideas and time.

Ted Lindsey


Current Cyber Investigation Challenges in Digital Forensics
Keynote Speaker
FBI Cyber Investigator & Forensic Examiner
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DFRWS 2006 Organizing Committee

Frank Adelstein (ATC-NY)
David Baker (MITRE)
Brian Carrier (Basis Technology)
Eoghan Casey (Stroz Friedberg)
Dan Kalil (Air Force Research Lab, Assured Information Security)
Chet Maciag (Air Force Research Lab)
Daryl Pfeif (Digital Forensics Solutions)
Golden G. Richard, III (University of New Orleans)
Marcus Rogers (Purdue University)
Vassil Roussev (University of New Orleans)
Todd Shipley (SEARCH)
Wietse Venema (IBM)

DFRWS 2006 Program Committee

Cory Altheide (Google)
Tom Bacon (Southern Oregon University)
Nicole Beebe (University of Texas at San Antonio)
Florian Buchholz (James Madison University)
R. Chandramouli (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Olivier De Vel (Australian Department of Defense)
Tom Daniels (Iowa State University)
Dave Dittrich (University of Washington)
Derick Donnelly (Black Bag Technologies)
Heather Dussalt (State University of New York Institute of Technology)
Knut Eckstein (NATO)
Dario Forte (DFLabs Italy)
Yun Gao (University of New Orleans)
Simson Garfinkel (Harvard University)
Yong Guan (Iowa State University)
Warren Harrison (Portland State University)
Chet Hosmer (Wetsone Technologies)
Erin Keneally (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Jesse Kornblum (ManTech CFIA)
Michael Losavio (University of Louisville)
James Lyle (NIST)
Nasir Memon (Polytechnic University)
Srinivas Mukkamala (New Mexico Tech)
Judie Mulholland (Florida State University)
Gilbert Peterson (Air Force Institute of Technology)
Steve Romig (Ohio State University)
Kulesh Shanmugasundaram (Polytechnic University)
JK.P. Subbalakshmi (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Duminda Wijesekera (George Mason University)

Sponsors of DFRWS 2006

Stroz Friedberg, LLC

Sponsor, DFRWS 2006 Welcome Reception
Consulting and technical services firm, Stroz Friedberg specializes in computer forensics, cyber-crime response, private investigations, and the preservation and analysis of data.


Sponsor, DFRWS 2006 Banquet
Wetstone provides eInvestigation, eForensics and eCompliance solutions to Federal and local Law Enforcement agencies and Corporate Investigators around the world.

Prize Donations

Software and books for the Forensic Rodeo, Best Paper, and Survey Raffle prizes for DFRWS 2006 were kindly donated by the following companies and authors:

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