DFRWS 2006 Forensics Challenge File Image Details

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Challenge Data

The data set for this challenge is a 50MB raw file. It has no file system, but it contains JPEG, ZIP, HTML, Text, and Microsoft Office files and fragments. The goal is to extract as many full JPEG, ZIP, HTML, Text, and Office files as possible from it. You can (and are encouraged to) develop tools to solve this challenge, but all source code must be released at the end of the challenge.

Submission Information

To submit your results, you must document the following for each extracted file:

  • File type (JPG, ZIP, HTML, Text, or Office)
  • File size (in bytes)
  • MD5 hash
  • Sectors from where the file was carved (assume 512-byte sectors)

You must also describe how the files were extracted and tested. This includes:

  • The name and version of existing carving programs that were used.
  • A description of algorithms you developed for the challenge.
  • Working source code of tools you developed for the challenge.
  • How the number of false positives was reduced.

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